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Заголовок страницы TESORO GAMING | Break The Rules. Embrace Innovation

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  • [H1] Zone Balance Gaming Chair
  • [H1] GRAM Spectrum
  • [H2] Mice
  • [H2] Keyboards
  • [H2] Headset
  • [H2] Accessories
  • [H2] Chairs
  • [H2] Comparison Table
  • [H2] Tesoro Shop
  • [H3] Grabbing onto the device whilst they are inserted into your ear does seem somewhat easier than other in-ear headphones that I’ve used in the past. The grip which Tesoro has implemented really does help you to find which ear they belong in much faster as well. It sounds odd, but it really does.
  • [H3] The optical switches have no metal contacts, which results in less manufacturing time without soldering a bunch of metal parts together. This means no corrosion or rust to worry about. If water spills on the keyboard, drain holes are present to control water flow and the switches remain rust free.
  • [H3] Today we check out the Tesoro Excalibur SE Spectrum RGB Optical Mechanical Keyboard. We check out the optical switches made with Gateron, and how they work.
  • [H3] So today we have a mechanical keyboard with OPTICAL switches… I talk about optical switches and the benefits of them, and review the Tesoro Excalibur SE!
  • [H3] Overall, the Tesoro Tuned In-Ear Pro headphones surprised us; the sound quality is great for an in-ear gaming headset, and the price is very reasonable too. We have no reason not to give these our top award!
  • [H3] Viisi eri asetusprofiilia löytyvät näkymän yläreunasta ja valaistuksen säädöt sekä näppäinohjelmoinnit tapahtuvat vasemman alanurkan painikkeista. Näppäimistön kaikkiin näppäimiin on mahdollista ohjelmoida makroja tai muita pikatoimintoja.
  • [H3] The Tesoro Gram Spectrum is a low-profile slim keyboard that includes Agile mechanical switches, macro recording, and full RGB lighting!
  • [H3] The TESORO Sharur SE Spectrum is an affordable and easy to use gaming mouse. The built-in Avago A3050 sensor is not one of the “flawless” sensors, but meets the requirements of a casual gamer.
  • [H3] But not only the look is here especially, also the comfort comes not too short because a washable gamer sits naturally also like times a few hours more before the computer. He is comfortable in any case, because after the seat test on the spot I really did not want to get up.
  • [H3] With the Tesoro Gram Spectrum you get in any case a high-quality keyboard to the hand, which does not put on excessive functionality. It depends more on good haptics and great writing. So you float with the hands above the keys. Also while gaming you will not be disappointed.
  • [H3] Tesoro has a very attractive, minimalistic keyboard with the Gram Spectrum.
  • [H3] So I liked the Tesoro GRAM Spectrum very much. The flatter design, after all it is about 1.5 cm flatter than a normal mechanical keyboard (for example, the Cherry MX-Board 6.0), makes itself felt when typing.
  • [H3] The Tesoro Excalibur SE Spectrum is a very interesting keyboard.[…] The Tesoro Excalibur SE Spectrum isn’t the first keyboard to use optical switches, but it is the first we have seen to hit the mass market. As such, we are going to break out the Technical Achievement award – hats off to Tesoro for breaking the mould; let’s see if it pans out well.
  • [H3] “The back part of the chair is extra-long to offer full spinal support. On top of that it is fully adjustable, even back to 180 degrees. This is great because if I am gaming I want to be sitting straight up, but if I’m relaxing I want to be leaning back a little bit.[…] When it is all said and done the Tesoro Zone Balance gaming chair is something we would highly recommend if you are looking at upgrading your current chair.”
  • [H3] “…I appreciate what Tesoro have done with their rebranded custom low profile Agile switches…”
  • [H3] After averaging 5 mouse clicks we managed to score 212ms, compared a keyboard with Cherry MX Brown which scored an average of 306ms, and the Tesoro optical switches scored an average of 253ms. This is clearly representative of the response rate improvement with optical switches, especially when considering that the debounce latency adds around 30ms to the mechanical switch.
  • [H3] Today we review the Tesoro Excalibur SE Spectrum and it’s actually pretty awesome for the price! The new Tesoro Optical switches deliver satisfying feedback for the tactile audience & are a great alternative over Cherry MX.
  • [H3] Не могу не сказать о еще двух деталях. Во-первых, общее качество исполнения великолепное. Во-вторых, толстый пластик обеспечивает преимущество – клавиатура очень прочная, вот прямо очень. Яростных припадков потерпит много.
  • [H3] The Tesoro Oliviant Pro feels like a great headset for an internet cafe or LAN party situation.
  • [H3] Mit dem neuen Olivant A2 Pro liefert der Hersteller Tesoro ein gutes Gaming-Headset ab. Für faire 60 Euro bekommt man eine stabile Verarbeitungsqualität, einen hohen Tragekomfort und einen gut klingenden Surround Sound geboten.
  • [H3] Die Low Budget Maus kommt mit Farbeffekten und einer Software daher, die noch etwas verbesserungswürdig ist. Preis/Leistungstechnisch ein super Produkt
  • [H3] Alles in allem liefert Tesoro mit der Sharur SE Spectrum eine ansehnliche Gaming-Maus mit kleineren Makeln.
  • [H3] Mit dem Tesoro Olivant Pro 7.1 Gaming Headset bekommt Ihr ein gutes, mittelklassiges Headset, welches mit einem qualitativen sehr hochwertigen Klang daher kommt.
  • [H3] Mit der Ascalon Spectrum liefert Tesoro eine gut ausgestattete Maus für preisbewusste Zocker ab.
  • [H3] Auch nach Stunden in der Dauernutzung hat man in der Hand keinerlei Ermüdungserscheinungen. Sprich, die Ascalon liegt wirklich blendend in der Hand.
  • [H3] Die Tesoro Gram Spectrum ist eine wirklich schicke Tastatur, die auf der Hardware-Seite fast alles richtig macht.
  • [H3] Tesoro GRAM Spectrum – красивейшая и качественнейшая клавиатура, выделяющаяся среди конкурентов низкопрофильными клавишам…
  • [H3] The unit doesn’t creak, flex, or otherwise cause unpleasantness in any way. I think the finish is great, frankly.
  • [H3] As I have said throughout the review, I appreciate what Tesoro have done with their rebranded custom low profile Agile switches, but I would still expect a mechanical keyboard utilising Kiahl switches to be lower in price overall, but if you aren’t put off by what I’m saying, it’s a fantastic looking keyboard and the RGB lighting over the white keyboard looks amazing in a dark room… absolutely mind blowingly good!
  • [H3] Tesoro’s Excalibur SE Spectrum is a ton of keyboard for the investment! We would have liked software control, not only for its ease of use, but for the additional features that come with it, but nonetheless, Tesoro delivered an amazing mechanical keyboard.
  • [H3] It is extremely comfortable and I love the blue key switches. I also like knowing that all of my keystrokes are being properly recorded with precision. That is what these new optical switches provide. Like other Tesoro products this keyboard has great build quality and literally no flex at all.
  • [H3] The BEST Low-Profile RGB Mechanical Keyboard!
  • [H3] Tesoro’s effort with the Excalibur SE Spectrum did form a solid, reliable mechanical keyboard that will not disappoint in terms of quality and performance.
  • [H3] New Mechanical Switches | Keyboard Buyers Guide with Audio Typing Samples
  • [H3] Any competitive PC gamer will tell you that cutting as much time as possible out of the total latency of your input is an important consideration when choosing your gaming gear: The SE Spectrum is as good a choice as any I’ve used at providing fast input, and it’s also solid and attractive.
  • [H3] Die Verarbeitung der Maus einwandfrei und der verwendete Kunststoff wirkt durch den Wechsel von matten und glänzenden Oberflächen nicht billig. Alle Tasten der Maus lassen sich über die Software individuell anpassen, auch wenn das nach meiner Meinung nicht nötig ist.
  • [H3] Wenn ihr auf der Suche nach einer günstigen Gaming-Maus mit netten Features wie programmierbaren Tasten, einstellbaren Abtastraten oder wählbarer Beleuchtung seid, könnt ihr bei der Tesoro Ascalon Spectrum gern zugreifen.
  • [H3] Die Gaming-Tastatur Tesoro Tizona bietet eine Besonderheit: Einen abnehmbaren Num-Block, der links und rechts an der Tastatur befestigt werden kann – ideal für Linkshänder. Dieser ist allerdings nur seperat erhältlich. Außerdem kommt die Tizona mit mechanischen Khail-Switches, einer RGB-Beleuchtung und praktischen Daumentasten.
  • [H3] Der Hersteller positioniert die Maus für First-Person-Shooter, die angenehme Größe erlaubt auch ausgedehnte Partien.
  • [H3] Die Verarbeitungsqualität ist für die Presklasse ordentlich. Die Materialien sind gut gewählt, Überreste aus der Fertigung gibt es keine. Die Positionierung und Funktion aller Tasten ist – für ein Beidhanddesign – gut.
  • [H3] Gelungener Einstand für Tesoro: Im Test bietet der Zone Balance TS-F710 zum vergleichsweise kleinen Preis von rund 180 Euro eine gute Ausstattung und den nötigen Sitzkomfort für den Arbeitsalltag und vor allem für ausgedehnte Spiele-Sessions.
  • [H3] Die Tesoro Gram Spectrum ist ein würdiger Vertreter im mittleren Preissegment. Mechanische voll programmierbare Tasten und eine hochwertige Verarbeitung lassen das Käuferherz höher schlagen.
  • [H3] Die neuen Tesoro Agile Switches überzeugen durch eine hohe Präzision und homogene Ausleuchtung. Darüber hinaus kann unser Testmuster mit einer stabilen Verarbeitung, einem abnehmbaren USB-Kabel und N-KRO punkten.
  • [H3] Byggekvaliteten er også i top. På trods af at være bygge i plastik, er der ingen flex i tastaturet overhovedet! Godt indbygget lys, gode muligheder i softwaren og indbygget hukommelse er også ting der trækker tingene i den rigtige retning.
  • [H3] I found the Tesoro Zone balance to be very comfortable, thanks to its well optimized seating position and great all-round support. Stuff like the sturdy steel frame, soft touch polyurethane synthetic leather, and premium cold core foam makes this chair something that will probably last you a long time. The 180 degree reclining back that does not tip over is a bonus.
  • [H3] Tesoro´s Agile slim kontakter er blandt de hurtigste kontakter jeg har arbejdet med, og minder mest af alt om Cherry MX Speed som jeg også var stor fan af. Det er fedt at se at Tesoro også har kælet for detaljerne hvad angår design og byggekvaltiet. Tesoro Gram Spectrum keyboarede er utrolig stilrent at se på, og lækkert at røre ved. Med en frontplade i aluminium, betyder det at der nærmest ingen flex er i tastaturet.
  • [H3] The Tesoro Excalibur SE Spectrum is not a keyboard you can easily show off at a LAN party when it comes to bling, but it is definitely a durable product with substance you can enjoy for long time.
  • [H3] Tesoro Excalibur SE verkar vara byggt för att hålla. Brytarna är optiska och det finns ingen mekanik som slits ut på samma sätt som med vanliga mekaniska brytare. Utöver det är tangentbordet vattentåligt och det går att spilla både det ena och andra utan att behöva oroa sig allt för mycket. Kladdet kan enkelt spolas bort i duschen!
  • [H3] A nice, simple-looking keyboard without an over-the-top design greeted me, and I was surprised at how thin but sturdy it felt. The low-profile keycaps are a nice touch too, as were the doubleshot legends on them, which means longer durability.
  • [H3] The Best Optical Switch Keyboard Under $100.00?
  • [H3] Wer mit Cherry MX Blue zurechtkommt, dürfte so auch mit den Optical Switches Blue gut fahren. Extreme Vielschreiber könnten über Jahre hinweg vielleicht auch von dem geringeren Verschleiß profitieren, den der Aufbau erwarten lässt. Und auch die Unempfindlichkeit gegenüber Staub und Spritzwasser kann ein gewichtiger Pluspunkt sein.
  • [H3] I am a huge fan of the flat cable design that these headphones have. It makes is so they don’t tangle as much and are easy wrap up. On top of that you have the great carrying case which means that your headphones won’t get all tangled up with everything else you have in your bag and they are easy to find.
  • [H3] Das robuste und schwere Metallgehäuse der Gram Spectrum vermittelt einen sehr hochwertigen Eindruck, gleiches gilt für das 1,8 Meter lange Kabel. Trotz Stoffummantelung ist es flexibel genug, um es wunschgemäß verlegen zu können, außerdem lässt es sich auf Wunsch auch abnehmen.
  • [H3] Die in der Software programmierbare RGB-Beleuchtung bietet 16,8 Millionen Farben, die in neun verschiedenen Modi leuchten können. Zudem können Sie jede einzelne Taste der Gram Spectrum individuell mit einer gewünschten Farbe belegen.
  • [H3] Overall, Tesoro has done a really good job with the Zone Balance. From comfort, to features, to aesthetics, to even the price tag, it should fit the bill for most users who are looking to upgrade their seating situation. If it could be tweaked to cover some of the points in this review, we feel that it would be a very hard chair to beat across the board.
  • [H3] Tesoro started out with gaming peripherals, but now they’re delivering gaming chairs to the world, and they’ve debuted in a big way with Zone Balance – a great gaming chair for the money, that is super comfortable for those all-night gaming sessions.
  • [H3] Die Firma Tesoro, die sich als Hersteller von Spieler-Peripherie etabliert hat, will nun im Markt für Gaming Chairs mitmischen. Zone Balance heißt Tesoros Bürostuhl-Debütant im Rennsitzdesign, den man nicht nur mit seinem Sitzkomfort, sondern auch einem günstigen Preis von 180 Euro der spielenden Kundschaft schmackhaft machen will.
  • [H3] To wrap up this review and put it simply, I was very pleased with the Zone Balance Gaming Chair from Tesoro. It was easy to build, was very sturdy with high quality components, and was comfortable to sit in for a long time too.
  • [H3] Doordat de keycaps slechts 6,2 mm hoog zijn, tegenover 11,5 mm voor ‘standaard’ toetsen, hoef je ze minder ver in te drukken. Je merkt dan ook minder van de hogere vereiste kracht voor een succesvolle toetsaanslag dan bij toetsenborden met vergelijkbare meetwaardes, maar normale keycaps.
  • [H3] Der Hardware-Hersteller Tesoro kommt aus dem asiatischen Raum und bietet im Bereich von Tastaturen, Mäusen und Headsets oftmals günstigere Alternativen als die Konkurrenz an. Die Ersparnis beläuft sich zwar meist nur auf wenige Euro, aber wenn die Qualität stimmt, hat man mehr für das Sparschwein über. Ob Performance und Preis stimmen, testen wir anhand der Tesoro Spectrum Ascalon.
  • [H3] So oder so ist Tesoros Gram Spectrum RGB ein attraktives Angebot für alle, die sich eine flache Tastatur mit frei gestaltbarer Beleuchtung wünschen – spätestens, wenn der Hersteller eine verbesserte Version der Software nachlegt.
  • [H3] Die Tesoro Thyrsus Spectrum kann von ihrer Grundabstimmung punkten. Die Maus bietet insgesamt ein gutes Preis-/Leistungsverhältnis und wartet mit den richtigen technischen Features auf.
  • [H3] “The clamping pressure is well distributed as a result of articulate joints and memory foam padding on the earcups and headband.”
  • [H3] “With the Excalibur V2, Tesoro offers a gaming keyboard with mechanical switches and standard layout. “
  • [H3] “La superficie dei Keycap, leggermente concava, consente di adattarsi in maniera ottimale alle dita, restituendo una piacevole sensazione di “morbidezza” durante la digitazione.”
  • [H3] “In the end, the Tesoro Excalibur Spectrum keyboard earns the Bigbruin.com “Recommended” and “Gaming Approved” awards.”
  • [H3] “When it comes to aesthetics, the Excalibur Spectrum is what we would describe as a hidden gem. The exterior looks plain, but things totally changed when the RGB lights are on. “
  • [H3] “What we do have is a surprisingly good-looking board that’s available in either black or white.”
  • [H3] “Agile switches offer an optimized low-profile design and are unique in that they do not compromise the tactile feel, which many low-profile keyboards do.”
  • [H3] “Like the Sagitta Spectrum, the Gram Spectrum has lighting effects, with LED lights included in each of the key switches. “
  • [H3] “Our final verdict regarding the Gram Spectrum gaming keyboard is more than positive as the company managed to create a very solid, almost perfect high-quality product. ”
  • [H3] The Tesoro Sharur Spectrum is a very solid product, and overall, we were impressed by the build quality and it’s comfortable shape. The RGB color backlight is well done and good looking as well.
  • [H3] “The Gram Spectrum does have something for everyone, and even if you are looking for your first mechanical keyboard, it seems the time is ripe for the picking. ”
  • [H3] “My experience with the Tesoro GRAM Spectrum RGB was a pleasant one and if you are in the market for a mechanical gaming keyboard, give the Tesoro GRAM Spectrum RGB a chance.”
  • [H3] “ After typing on the Tesoro GRAM Spectrum RGB, I have to say that I think it has become my favorite.”
  • [H3] “It’s not often I find a keyboard that I will walk away from my beloved IBM Model M for, but in this case, Tesoro has hit a home run. ”
  • [H3] “Test du clavier Tesoro Gram Spectrum”
  • [H3] “Working with the Gram thus far has been a dream and on comparison to any of the other keyboards we have used lately, is our new favourite. ”
  • [H3] “Per total am fost placut impresionat de Gram si Sharur si nu pot sa spun decat ca imi doresc sa le vad cat mai repede in stoc si in Romania. ”
  • [H3] “The Tesoro Gram Spectrum is a formidable weapon for those who want a slick and fast keyboard with lightning fast responses. ”
  • [H3] “The Tesoro Gram Spectrum is an interesting entry to the mechanical keyboard market.”
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